A Day in Life of a Project Officer


As a daughter, mother, wife and a Project Officer, Tech Theavy seems to have quite a lot going in her daily life.

Theavy lives with her husband, two children and her mother. She usually gets up at 5am and begins her day by preparing food and  cooking for the family. Their usual breakfast is fried fish or pork along with soup and rice. After cooking and packing food for their lunch and dinner, Theavy wakes up her two daughters, Soeun Sokun Rosa-10 and Soeun Sokun Panhyana-4 around 6am,and helps them get ready for school. Rosa is currently studying Khmer, English and Chinese while Panhyana is in a Kindergarten. Theavy quickly showers and gears up to send her children to their schools by 7am, and she makes it just in time for work by 7.30am.

At work, as a Project Officer for Phnom Penh Housing and Community Development project, Theavy constantly follows up and updates weekly plans, monitors and prepares for project activities and works on reports. Some days of the week, she would have field visits and missions to the sites with NGO partners to check, interview and follow up with families being served by the project. At lunch, she usually enjoys her packed food and share with other colleagues in the office kitchen.

Theavy leaves the office around 5:00pm or 5:15pm, and heads straight to her English class nearby the office to study from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening. After her English course, she drives directly to Chinese school to pick up Rosa and heads back home. When Theavy is busy, her husband, Soeun Tony, helps in picking up their children from school. Tony is working with another international organization in Phnom Penh and often goes on missions to the provinces.

As soon as Theavy and her family arrive home and are freshened up from their motorcycle ride, they all enjoy the food she cooked and prepared in the morning for dinner. Usually, after finishing her kitchen work, she would spend time checking and helping her children with their homework, and talk with her husband about the day that went by. To wrap up her busy day, Theavy prepares to sleep at around 10:30 pm.

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